Gamerang: Not Your Aussie’s Boomerang

Usually, with a boomerang, you throw it just the right way, and it will swim across the air and arch back to you. Well, if you are good. If you are like me, you might either get it hung up on a bush or have it land near you. 🙂

Anyhow, my childhood experiences with a boomerang my parents gave me aside…

Gamerang proved to be a complete waste of money. Sure, they were happy to extend my trial month-long offer to cover the extra week that it took for the first game to arrive, but that first game took 14 days to arrive. I live in the same state as one of their distribution centers, for cryin’ out loud.

The next couple of games came pretty quickly (5 days each), and, over the course of that first month, I received a grand total of 3 games. Whoopie.

In that same month, I did the blockbuster thing, and got nearly 20 games (hey, my kid is pretty good at beating these things!).

When the time came to cancel the membership, I had one game in transit that was one my kid was looking forward to since it would be replacing a disc that no longer worked (yes, I was going to copy it, but I have an original (with oodles of scratches)). Nearly 13 days later, and it hasn’t shown up. In the mean time, their crappy system thinks that I have it, so, even with my report of it never showing up, I they don’t resend it.

Bleaugh. The whole process is sickening. I canceled them right away. Basically, they sucked me for an extra month of fees, and I got nothing for it. The game I was supposed to get shipped three days before the new billing cycle. It is now half-way in to the new billing cycle, and I have not gotten that game.

How retarded.

Never again.. I will go back to borrowing games from friends and family, and I will definitely go back to BlockBuster!

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