My Myth (MythTV) scripts

Because we have DirecTV with the RCA satellite receiver, there is one key script for managing the most important item with the set top box: changing the channel.

From the site, I pulled down the following SetTopBox script script, and it worked beautifully.

However, one thing didn’t work with the standard “./ setup_channel” command: the on screen display would stay up (yuck). The script is supposed to do all of the necessary things when you use the setup_channel option, but it didn’t seem to for me. Since MythTV executes the command with the last argument as the channel number, I threw together a simple wrapper script (Change Channel) for MythTV to use.

Finally, since the script works so well, I wrote a quick init script to turn on and off the set top box when the system is turned on or off. It works rather well, and, really, we don’t need the set top box on when the Myth system is off, do we? 🙂

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