iPhone SMS Archiving

The iPhone has some amazing features, and, sadly, it is lacking in some key ones.  Jailbreaking is always an option, but, really, shouldn’t this amazing phone do the most simplistic of tasks without having to go around the entire system?

For example, the iPhone has limited vibration functions.  Compared to a Blackberry in this regard, where the typical IT professional needs to be discrete in meetings but still needs to know the difference between an email (one vibration), a blackberry message (two quick vibrations), or an SMS message (three quick vibrations) in order to judge the urgency.  The iPhone just does a short vibrate.. once.

With that aside, the phone is still amazing.  Fix the alert options, and it could be a real contender in the office environment.

SMS message conversations blow the doors off of any other phone.  But how does one back these up? Low-and-behold, iTunes syncs these up behind the scenes, but it doesn’t provide an interface to them. Say you want to preserve them, but don’t want them piling up on the phone.

A small script in perl on a linux box will happily take that file and format it for you.  However, it does not have a way to determine who each party is.  It will display all conversations to/from a particular person.  Re-run it for preserved conversations with others.


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