Openvpn, for those that are unfamiliar with it, is an excellent point-to-point VPN software package. I tried it out in an environment where both ends were Fedora Core Linux systems and the installation went extremely well. In fact, it was almost simple. 🙂 The tough part was getting the configuration fine-tuned enough such that it

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Linux Serial Console

All of the machines we have in our production environment are completely headless systems which makes sense since they are about 150 miles from where our main office is. The beauty of a Sun Workstation is that, in following with the model of “The Network Is The Computer”, if there is no keyboard plugged in,

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Managing Linux Software RAID

In searching for a way to hot-swap a failed SATA device in a production system, I came across this excellent Software RAID How-To document on the Gentoo site.  It’s definitely one to keep in your toolbox of information.