How To Change The Hostname In Solaris

To change the hostname on a Solaris system, you should edit all of these files:

  • /etc/hosts
  • /etc/nodename
  • /etc/hostname.*
  • /etc/net/ticlts/hosts        (this file is unused in Solaris 10 and above)
  • /etc/net/ticots/hosts       (this file is unused in Solaris 10 and above)
  • /etc/net/ticotsord/hosts  (this file is unused in Solaris 10 and above)

You should then reboot the server to test your changes and ensure that they operate correctly.

Some say to update “/etc/inet/ipnodes”, but that only contains the information for “localhost” and does not need to have any changes made to it.

Sesame Place

If you are expecting any similarities between Sesame Street and Sesame Place, then you will be sorely disappointed. The only similarity is the characters.

Sesame Place is a water park in need of some attention from the corporate owners. It is not all that clean (although you initially get the “disney-esque” feeling, which quickly leaves as you truly get in to the park), it is not inexpensive, the park is small (hence, it gets overcrowded quickly) and there is little control over the people.

I cannot say how many low-class low-life types were there when we went (continually hearing ‘parents’ spew explectivites at their 2 and 3 yr olds loud enough to let everyone in a 60-foot radius clearly hear them), but it detracted from the park.

Unattended kids (older) and non-assertive parents expose the weakness and inability of the staff (on-site and ride operators) to even crontrol the lines.

Overall, we were sorely disappointed.